My name is Kazuya Ozawa I'm from Japan.When I was in Japan I was a hair dresser for 2 and half years .I quit my job for pursuing  my dream to be a singer at first ,then l came to New York for building up my singing career and studying English ,but as I tried to create a song I used imagery for it.All of a sudden, l fell for it so hard and It's been a very hard time stopping up till now.Because It was blowing my mind when I found really tiny world in the painting.It was suddenly connected with my childhood memories when I was playing a green marble and holding it up to the sun and I saw a small cow was in there.

This crazy situation took me to the place where I can absolutely enjoy the rest of my life with.


I don't have any degrees or something with art fields, but I believe that I can be a symbol of an artist who make people to pursue what they love.

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